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The Strong Women Podcast

Episode 5: Shahroo Izadi

Today’s guest is Shahroo Izadi.

Shahroo izadi

Shahroo is an addictions and behavioural change specialist. She has experience working therapeutically across clinical, community, private and prison settings to help people achieve sustained recovery from substance abuse. Shahroo has also personally suffered with food addiction in the past and has worked hard to overcome it.

She has been a friend of mine for many years. I have also watched her overcome her own body struggles with strength, determination and kindness. Shahroo is making huge waves in the behaviour-change sector and has just signed an incredible 2 book deal with Pan Macmillan. Her emphasis is on treating your body with positivity and patience.

Shahroo has also written an article on self-love and addiction for The Pilates PT Method Online so if you enjoy this podcast why not sign up and give it a read.

I hope this podcast helps you learn new ways to be kind to yourself and I love her karaoke tip!


Where to find out more about Shahroo Izadi:

Shahroo’s Favourite Book: The Happiness Trap. Buy it here


Buy Shahroo’s book ‘The Kindness Method’ here


Chloe brotheridge

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