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Do you want increased fitness, greater body confidence, better sleep, and more energy?
The Pilates PT Method Online® is a 3-Level holistic online plan broken into 8-week segments that will change your relationship with your body for the better.

The Workouts

To increase your fitness and strength, boost your flexibility, and improve your body confidence, you will be provided Pilates PT Method online videos based on the information you provide us within your consultation.

  • These videos are truly personalised: The Pilates PT Team will assign you six videos to be used each week that suit your body type, fitness level, and goals.
  • The videos are a combination of 30 minute ‘Sweat’ Workouts and 15 minute ‘Strengthen’ Workouts, all based around Pilates and HIIT workout principles, with only a yoga mat needed.

The Starter Pack

To assist you with your workouts, sleep, recovery, and energy, we have developed a starter pack containing a range of items we know will help you throughout your plan.

You will receive your starter pack in the post a few days after you sign up, and items will include:

  • A resistance band for your workouts
  • Two books to inspire you
  • Neom fragrances for energy and sleep
  • A Magnesium spray for muscle recovery
  • A!rmation Cards
  • Plus Many More

The Expert Content

Adopting a new way of exercising and living isn’t as easy as many people and influencers would have you think – there are so many other factors that come into play.

Therefore, you will be provided access to a range of articles, guides, and meditations curated exclusively for the plan, covering topics such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Body Confidence
  • Sleep
  • Fitness

Through reading and absorbing this content alongside your plan you will have all the tools you need to make these changes for life, not just the length of the plan.


To help you live in the present, reduce stress and anxiety, and be at one with your body we have teamed up with mindfulness and meditation app Headspace. As part of each level of your plan, you will be provided with 2-months of access to Headspace.

Whether you suffer from low esteem, stress, body dysmorphia, or you sleep badly,
Headspace will have a meditation pack to suit you.

Online Support

We know that online fitness/lifestyle plans can, at times, feel impersonal and lonely. This is why we will keep in touch with you throughout each level of The Pilates PT Method Online through email, phone calls, and regular check-ins.

You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Pilates PT team throughout your plan, so that we can ensure your plan matches your expectations and aspirations.


Once you have purchased your plan you will be directed to your online consultation. This will cover topics such as your health, your goals, your current fitness levels, and your lifestyle and should take you around 15 minutes to complete.


Based on your consultation, our team of highly experienced Pilates PT instructors will then create your personalised workout plan. We want to make sure that the workout videos that we assign to you are specific to your body, fitness, and goals, and are not generic.


You will then be sent, by post, our exclusive Pilates PT Method Online starter pack. Receiving this signifies the start of your plan, as it contains everything you need throughout it.


We want to change your relationship to your body and exercise for life, not just 8 weeks. This is why we have created three levels that build your fitness, body awareness, and knowledge up in stages. Thus, if you are a first time user, your first 8-week plan will be Level 1.


Each week you will have six workout videos to complete, in a specific order. To ensure your techinque and ability improves over the 8-weeks these will be the same videos throughout your plan.


Finished Level 3 and don’t want to lose access to all of your workouts? For a monthly cost you can maintain access to all your workouts and content from Levels 1-3.

Your workouts are genuinely personalised

If you went to a gym, and worked with a personal trainer you wouldn’t expect to receive the exact same training plan as all their other clients. You would expect that your workout plan was designed with your body, your goals, and your abilities in mind.

This is why The Pilates PT Method Online is not an o”-the-shelf, generic workout plan. Our highly-trained team of instructors actually assign your workout videos based on the criteria provided by you in your consultation.

We focus on your mental health as much as your physical health

It is very difficult to make long-term changes to your physical health & fitness without addressing, and paying attention to, your mental health also. Having trained hundreds of women Pilates PT founder Hollie Grant realised that a combination of mindfulness, meditation, and mental health knowledge significantly helped her clients achieve peace with their bodies.

This is why a large element of The Pilates PT Method Online if focussed on improving, and understanding, your mental health; from your Headspace subscription, expert articles, the two books in your starter pack and your daily affirmation cards and goals, and are not generic.

2 Different ways to pay

We want exercise and wellbeing to be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we have two payment options available to suit your budget.

  1. £90 per month for two months (i.e. £180 total) for Levels 1, 2, and 3
  2. Pay £83 monthly for all three levels of the plan
  3. Transform your fitness and body confidence from as little as £21 per week.


7 Day trial
2 x Taster workout videos
5 Recipes
10 Days Headspace subscription
Access to 5 articles
Access to videos for 7 days



6 Month plan
18 x Personalised workout videos
64 Recipes
6 Month Headspace subscription
Access to 40 articles
The Model Method book
Latest Psychologies magazine
Starter pack delivered
Weekly motivational emails and support
Telephone support
Access to videos for life for £39.99/month



2 Month plan
6 x Personalised workout videos
64 Recipes
2 Month Headspace subscription
Access to 27 articles
The Model Method book
Latest Psychologies magazine
Starter pack delivered
Weekly motivational emails and support
Access to videos for life for £39.99/month*
*Once level 3 complete

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