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The Strong Women Podcast

Episode 3: Lauren Armes

This weeks Strong Women Podcast guest is the amazing Lauren Armes. Lauren is an entrepreneur, business mentor and success coach. Furthermore, she is also the owner of Welltodo. Welltodo is a global wellness platform that hosts incredible events, helps place people in their dream wellness careers and offers consultancy to forward-thinking health and fitness brands around the world.

Lauren armes

As a result, Welltodo is my go-to for the latest news and updates in my industry. Thus, through my love of it, I found an incredible role model in Lauren. Lauren has been my business coach for almost a year now and I really do have her to thank for many of my recent business decisions and ideas.

What I love most about Lauren is how she empowers women to build successful businesses. She has taught me to back myself and make decisions based on the life I would like to lead rather than the life I have been backed into because of my emotional connection to my business. Often when I have an important decision to make I wonder ‘what would Lauren say’ and I trust her implicitly. I really hope you enjoy the podcast and take some practical advice away to use in your own life.

Where to find out more about Lauren Armes & Welltodo:

Twitter: /
Instagram: @laurenarmes / @welltodoglobal

Lauren’s favourite book: Gaye Hendricks’ ‘The Big Leap’. Buy it here




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