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The Strong Women Podcast

Episode 22: Georgie Akin-Smith

Today’s guest is Georgie Akin-Smith.

In 2017 Georgie decided to take on 12 different physical challenges in 12 months. She wanted to expand her horizons, get out of her comfort zone and see what she could achieve both mentally and physically. A cross country ski marathon, cycling to Paris in 24 hours and a circumnavigation of Mallorca in a day were some of the challenges she took on.


Georgie akin-smith


Georgie had little or no experience when taking on some of these challenges and instead opted for the ‘sign up now, work out how to do it later”’ approach. She learnt an incredible amount throughout the year, namely that we can all do way more than we think we can. You just have to have the courage to throw yourself into it.

I think what we can all take from Georgie’s challenges is that sometimes we just have to put our names down. Whether that’s for a promotion at work, a physical challenge, course or qualification. Just get your name down and throw yourself into it.

I love that Georgie’s own fitness passions adapted over the year and she learnt so much about herself. Some of her hardest challenges are now her favourite. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please let me know if it inspires you to sign up for any challenges of your own.

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Georgie’s Favourite Book: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor (you can buy it here)

Where you can find out more about Georgie Akin-Smith:


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