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The Strong Women Podcast

Episode 37: How To Stop #Fitspo Ruining Your Life – With Ban Hass

Today’s guest is Ban Hass. Ban is a bullsh*t-free Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and freelance writer. She uses satire, humour & parody to voice opinions and make observations on the fitness industry (#fitspo) on social media.


She is sarcastic, funny and at times brutal about the direction the fitness industry is going. And she calls out bullsh*t on those who advise without qualifications. What I like about Ban is that she doesn’t sit on the fence. I have watched the fitness industry change demonstrably over the last 8 years and I’m not always sure how best to prompt change.


Ban is using her clear ability for humour to do so in a way that helps us put fitness into perspective and realise it’s not the solution to all our problems. Whilst she may offend or shock some people along the way (and by her own admission lose followers who don’t get her humour) her intentions are honourable. And, after all,  you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.


In this episode we explore how to stop #fitspo ruining your life, or indeed, affecting it. I hope you enjoy this episode!


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  • Ban Hass’s Favourite Book: Harry Potter (all of them). To buy the full Harry Potter Collection head here


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