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The Dreaded Teaser

Anyone who has tried the ‘Teaser’ in Pilates knows that when you can do it, you feel like a king, but when you can’t it just seems impossible. Here’s Part One of my advice to help you build up to that perfect V-shape Teaser.


What Is Teaser?

Teaser is a fantastic exercise that requires balance, core strength and postural flexibility. It is an endurance exercise that strengthens, stretches and requires concentration. The full exercise is also great for spinal articulation and stretches lumbar extensors (great if you have Lordosis).


What Are The Benefits?

Teaser really builds muscle endurance and targets a wide range of them including – transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, rectus abdominis and obliques both concentrically and eccentrically, hip flexors, scapular stabilisers and thoracic spine extensors.


How To Build Up To Full Teaser – Part 1

I like to have clients get used to the ‘closed’ part of the exercise (essentially the hold) before building up to adding in the roll back. This means that you know where you’re aiming to get to and the hip flexors (which often hold us back) have been strengthened enough to perform the full Teaser. Below are 3 positions for you to practice holding. Your aim is to be able to maintain position for 10 seconds before trying the next level. Technique is more important than which level you are on – so build up slowly.


Level 1

Start seated with slight lumbar flexion and lengthened thoracic spine (imagine your spine as a J shape) and then hinge backwards (maintaining that J curve) until your feet feel light. Extend arms forward without elevating shoulders and then float one leg at a time into tabletop. Gently press thighs together, engage abdominals and pelvic floor, and keep chest proud (no hunchbacks). Hold and breathe.

Level 2

Repeat as above. Inhale to prepare  and on your exhale contract your quads and extend the legs from the knee up towards an incline. Hold. Ensure abdominals, pelvic floor and quadriceps are engaged and focus on your J shaped spine. Try to zip the legs up towards the ceiling without rounding the upper back. Hold and breathe.



Level 3

Repeat as above. Inhale to prepare and as you exhale reach arms in line with ears. Press inner thighs together, contract pelvic floor and abdominals, engage quadriceps and breathe.



We’d love to see your beautiful Teasers! Show us your efforts on Instagram and tag us #themodelmethod for feedback




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