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The Truth About Sugar

Government Guidelines   Government guidelines recommend that adults reduce their consumption of ‘free’ sugars to less than 30g (7 teaspoons) per day to minimise the health risks associated with excess intake and to help manage energy intake across the population. Currently, we exceed this recommendation by two-to-three times. In 2015 a comprehensive review of the […]
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Jenny Rosborough

Jenny Rosborough is the Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar, a charity that campaigns for sugar reduction through awareness raising and putting direct pressure on the government and food and drink industry to create a healthier food environment. Jenny completed an MSc in Nutrition at King's College London and a Joint Honours Degree in English and Sports Science at Loughborough University. Jenny has worked as a consultant for the NHS and, more recently, the Association for Nutrition.


At present sugar is being made out to be a nutritional devil and the confusion around it seems to be growing. Action on Sugar is an amazing charity that aims to raise awareness of the effect of sugar on the body without completely demonising it. They work hard to bring down a general reduction of sugar in the food and drinks industry and are science-led. I disagree with the trend of swapping sugar for more “natural” sugar alternatives and I’m so grateful Jenny has given us the facts behind this topic.

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