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Bun in the Oven Podcast

#5 Pregnant and Self Employed? How to Navigate Uncertainty

In this week’s episode I’m talking to founder and CEO of Welltodo Lauren Armes about the realities of being pregnant and self employed or a business owner. This includes navigating maternity leave, and working out how on earth to replace yourself in your own business. I will also be talking about my experiences being a mother and a business owner.

Lauren and I discuss the concerns, considerations and logistics of having children when you already have another baby – your own business. At the time of recording this episode Lauren is pregnant with her first child. So she is in full on preparation mode. And I’m over 2 years deep in the juggle having a toddler myself. I hope this episode helps those of you in a similar position get your head around the juggle of being pregnant and self employed. And to understand what to expect, when you’re expecting (see what I did there).


Guest Bios
Lauren Armes


Lauren Armes is the Founder and CEO of Welltodo. Welltodo is global industry platform for the wellness industry. She is the leading Business Coach for experts and coaches in the wellness sector and hosts both the Business of Wellness podcast and EXPERTS. As well as coaching some of the industry’s most respected entrepreneurs and influencers, Lauren has been featured as an industry expert on the BBC series The Apprentice, as well as by The Times, Evening Standard, Glamour, Red and more.


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Hollie Grant


Also, here’s a little bit of information about me, given that I’ll be sharing my experiences of being pregnant and self employed on this episode too. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for the last 11 years, am an experienced Pilates instructor, Advanced pre and postnatal specialist, and personal trainer, the owner of the Pilates PT studio in London, and founder of The Bump Plan.

I am obsessed with helping women exercise for the right reasons, especially during their pregnancies and am an absolute hater of all things diet culture. I’ve worked across the globe teaching thousands of women and featured as an expert for the BBC World News, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Vogue and more. Oh and I also host a podcast in case you don’t know.


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A Word From Our Sponsors
Penny & Lola


This episode of ‘Bun in the Oven’ is sponsored by Penny and Lola.

A family-run children’s company, born in lockdown, exclusively bring you: The Happy Song Toys. If you’re a parent, or a Youtube fan, I can almost guarantee you have heard the incredibly catchy song by Imogen Heap – ‘The Happy Song’. If you’re not sure what I mean you can watch the video HERE.

The founders of Penny and Lola’s new baby was soothed, like so many babies, by the video of ‘The Happy Song’, and an idea was sparked to recreate the lovable characters – Cat, Badger and Rabbit in cuddly toy form, which my daughter Freya absolutely adores! So much so that when we gave them to her, her first words literally were “I just love them so much Mummy”.

The song was designed to make children happy, so these cuddly toys are intended to do exactly the same. Cute, and quirky, each toy is soft and fluffy and has squidgy beanie arms and legs perfect for little hands to hold onto. Each toy is baby safe and CE and UKCA certified.

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The Bump Plan


This episode of Bun in the Oven is also sponsored by The Bump Plan.

Given the theme of this podcast I imagine that some of you are currently pregnant or planning a family. So many women I know just aren’t sure how to move their body safely during this changing time? Or they want to stay active but need someone to show them the way and hold their hand? That’s where the Bump Plan comes in. The Bump Plan is a holistic prenatal fitness plan that allows you to work out with confidence at each trimester of your pregnancy.

Founded by myself, Hollie Grant, The Bump Plan has already helped over 10,000 pregnant women stay active safely, and feel empowered throughout their pregnancies. Through its trimester specific workouts in which I am always at the same stage of my pregnancy as you will be in yours, hypnobirthing subscription, and extensive Education Hub, you’ll feel supported and part of a welcome community.

Let me help you move safely through your pregnancy, maintain your fitness and strength, and enter parenthood strong and prepared for all the demands it poses.

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