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Bedtime Reading   I know for a fact that if once I’m in bed I start scrolling through Twitter or Instagram or ‘allow’ myself five games of Solitaire that inevitably turns into ten, once I turn my light out my brain is completely scrambled from screen usage.   If I settle down with a book, […]
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Nina Pottell

Nina Pottell multitasks as a popular hairdresser and a passionate Book Editor at Prima Magazine. She tweets profusely about books @matineegirl where she has gained a large following in the publishing industry.


Nina is my long-suffering hairdresser (I have a lot of unruly hair!) and is also a client of mine. Our friendship began many years ago when we skill swapped (I taught her Pilates and she would cut my hair). Nina is now my go-to for any book recommendations and her incredible book collection takes over most of her home. If anyone knows a good book, it’s Nina!

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