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Bun in the Oven Podcast

#4 The Reality of Pregnancy with Twins

In this episode I’m talking to fitness expert and twin mum Brit Williams, and Birth and postpartum doula Lala Langtry White about the experience of pregnancy with twins or multiples.


Lala and Brit share the emotional challenges that can come with the initial realisation of pregnancy with twins or multiples, the numerous (often well-meaning) comments from strangers around multiple pregnancies, and the high-risk diagnosis and care you then receive. I love the honesty both women have around the shock and awe of multiple pregnancies, that then turns into the absolute joy of having them earthside.


Guest Bios
Brit Williams


Brit Williams is a personal trainer, women’s fitness expert, published fitness author, business owner and mum to 3 young kids including twins. She has 13 years’ combined experience in the wellness industry. But, becoming a mum in 2018 cemented her appreciation for the role movement plays in empowering modern women to embody their strongest selves. She went on to publish her first book in 2019, signing her book deal for Mind, Body, Bump; The Complete Plan for an Active Pregnancy just days before the birth of her first daughter and is a strong advocate for exercise during pregnancy!


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Lala Langtry White


Our 2nd guest is Lala Langtry White, a Birth and postpartum doula, antenatal and hypnobirthing coach and breastfeeding and babywearing counsellor, alongside being a mother to 4 children including a set of complex monozygotic (identical twins).  Following her own experience of Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome, Lala’s desire to ensure others never feel as isolated and emotionally unsupported as she did during this challenging time led her organically to Small and Mighty Babies; a voluntary support community and not for profit organisation she co-facilitates for families navigating high risk pregnancy and babies born preterm or poorly.


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Useful Links:


► The Twins Trust for UK-based pregnancy with twins / parenting support – click HERE 


Read Brits Blog series on the three trimesters of a pregnancy with twins:


► First Trimester – click HERE to read

► Second Trimester – click HERE to read

► Third Trimester – click HERE to read


A Word From Our Sponsor
The Bump Plan


This episode of Bun in the Oven is sponsored by The Bump Plan.

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Let me help you move safely through your pregnancy, maintain your fitness and strength, and enter parenthood strong and prepared for all the demands it poses.

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