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How To Relieve Back Pain

By Vanessa Ford

If you have ever had back pain – whether an annoying niggle, a deep-set “tooth ache”, or you have been left unable to move or straighten up – you will probably agree it is an unpleasant, sometimes even traumatic experience.   Back pain can leave you ‘out of action’ for days or weeks, hoping the […]
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About Vanessa Ford

Vanessa Ford is a physiotherapist, director of Ford Chancellor Wellness and creator of The Back Plan. Vanessa was one of our first PilatesPT instructors, is Pilates PT Method trained and is one of the most knowledgeable women I know when it comes to injuries, exercise and sport. Vanessa is a multi-marathon runner and keen cyclist and uses her principles on her own injuries.

What Hollie Says

Vanessa, as well as being an incredible friend, is such an important part of the PilatesPT team where she is my first port of call for clients with injuries or imbalances. As a keen athlete, Vanessa suffered an awful ski accident that left her with multiple injuries (and metal and pins in her leg). Watching how she has used her own knowledge to rehabilitate herself back to running, cycling and snowboarding has been incredibly inspirational and her knowledge of the body is second to none.