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The Truth About Protein

By Claire Baseley

How much protein do you really need? A quick scan of online articles or Instagram posts on protein will reveal 2 camps: the “too much protein will give you osteoporosis and kidney failure” camp and the “bro, do you even lift?” camp that sets the alarm for 3am to get their protein fix.  How much […]
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About Claire Baseley

Claire Baseley is a Registered Nutritionist with a specialist interest in sports nutrition, infant nutrition and nutrition for over 40s. In her 20 years of experience, Claire has worked with a wide range of brands including Selfridges Food Hall, Ella’s Kitchen and Marks and Spencer as well as appearing on BBC, ITV and Sky News and on Food Unwrapped and Save Money Good Food. Claire is a keen athlete and is passionate about training and eating for health and not aesthetics.

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