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Meditation And Mindfulness

By Natasha Moutran

Meditation and mindfulness are widely practiced, and have been for centuries. When practiced regularly can have incredible life changing effects.   Meditation   Meditation in its simplest form is the practice of focusing ones’ attention. This can lead to a sense of peace, as well as countless other benefits. There are many ways to meditate, with […]
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About Natasha Moutran

Natasha Moutran is an international yoga teacher, meditation guide, songwriter & writer. From a very early age Natasha started to explore the world of mindfulness, practicing meditation from about the age of 8 and not long after developed a yoga practice. Natasha completed her initial yoga teacher training 7 years ago and went on to develop her own London based yoga company, as well Co-Founding The Retreat Collection, offering boutique retreats worldwide. Natasha is now traveling the globe offering her yoga & meditation teachings in person and online, sharing her music and writing on the road, as well as supporting creative freelancers and small brands in growing their own businesses

What Hollie Says

Natasha’s energy and zest for life is totally contagious. As one of my favourite clients I love that Natasha embraces other fitness training styles alongside her yoga teaching and practice. Natasha is so passionate about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness that it’s hard to not get inspired by her and for me she has been a huge source of wisdom on the topic.

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