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Choosing The Perfect Sports Bra

By Sweaty Betty

Attention! We have news for you. Your boobs, they’re calling out for a  sports bra  with the right support. It’s not fiction, it’s science – when you’re active your breasts move in a 3D motion leading them to drop with no going back. Here’s why you need to invest in the  correct support, and how to prevent […]
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About Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a premium British activewear brand for women founded in 1998 by Tamara Hill-Norton. Realising there was a gap in the market for women’s fitness clothing Tamara opened her first store in the heart of Notting Hill. Their clothes have been worn by female athletes around the world and they now have 49 Sweaty Betty stores across the UK with 13 in the US.

What Hollie Says

As a global ambassador for Sweaty Betty I have been lucky enough to work alongside them for 5 years now. Tamara’s husband Simon was a client of mine at PilatesPT and I taught the Pilates PT Method each week to the management team at their head office for 2 years. I am addicted to their clothes, especially their zero-gravity leggings, and I love that I can feel comfortable and feminine in their clothes whilst they care so much about the technical aspects of each item.

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