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Anatomy Guide 6: The Pelvic Floor

By Anya Hayes

The pelvic floor is at the centre of what Joseph Pilates called your “powerhouse”, or “girdle of strength” – a strong core offers you the freedom of graceful fluid movement, without tension and impingement. Your pelvic floor is the base of this “core”. Think of your core as the space from your ribcage to your […]
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About Anya Hayes

Anya Hayes is writer and Pilates teacher specialising in pregnancy, motherhood, mindfulness and wellness. Her book Pregnancy the Naked Truth offers a no-holds barred guide to pregnancy answering all those embarrassing questions new mums are afraid to ask. The Supermum Myth, written with Dr Rachel Andrew, is a toolkit of therapies ranging from mindfulness and CBT techniques, alongside many other established talking therapies, to help you turn around negative thought patterns and learn to stop comparing yourself to others, or berating yourself for not living up to the unrealistic notion of Supermum. Her new book Pilates for Pregnancy will publish in September 2018. Anya lives in south London with her husband and two young boys and a goldfish called Goldie. She is a lover of yoga, bright lipstick and a glass of red.

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