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Bun in the Oven Podcast

#6 Pregnancy & Parenting in a Lesbian Relationship

In this week’s episode we’ll be talking about the experience of being pregnant and a parent, within a lesbian relationship. My guests are the wonderful Kate Everall and Charlotte Ulett.


In this episode Kate and Charlotte highlight the challenges faced when trying to become pregnant in a lesbian relationship, including the financial demands that come through IUI and IVF costs, the support they received from friends and colleagues, and the language used around partners of those who chose to carry the baby.


There are some really small considerations that can be made by anyone working in the birthing world when working with same sex couples, that can help both parents feel included, and I loved hearing them. It was such a joy to hear both Kate and Charlottes experiences and I hope that one day same sex couples who wish to grow their family get the support they need much quicker. I hope you enjoy the episode.



Guest Bios:
Kate Everall

Kate is one half of an award-winning LGBTQ Family, Travel & Lifestyle Blog called Lesbemums. Based near Brighton, East Sussex she writes about life as a Two-Mum family and everything in between. From raising a son in a Two-Mum household to their travels and days out. Over the past 8 years she’s also written about LGBTQ History and current affairs as well as shared her favourite LGBTQ-inclusive books for children.


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Charlotte Ulett


I first met Charlotte as a Bump Plan Member and I really enjoyed hearing her journey to pregnancy and I wanted to know more about the challenges faced when trying to become pregnant in a lesbian relationship. Charlotte and her partner Katie have been together for 5 years and they started trying to conceive in November 2020.


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