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“The Pilates PT Method is unlike any workout that I have done before! Hollie’s designed a program which really works! She targets the areas in my body that need definition & during our sessions I feel those muscles working. The combination of interval cardio sessions and reformer Pilates is perfect for me as I love to sweat & feel like I’ve worked out, regular Pilates or other PT sessions didn’t do that for me. Once I finish the workouts, although I am incredibly exhausted, I feel the goodness happening. She’s tough, but she’s motivating! I have been coming to her 2-3 times a week for the past 5weeks and already shed 6cms off my hips alone! I feel stronger and look better than I did before I had my baby! I’m over the moon with the results so far!”

Hollie says: “Katy came to us after having her first baby feeling unhappy with her body. She had tried classes elsewhere but felt they were missing the 1:1 attention she needed and she was finding getting her fitness back really boring. I established that Katy had mild lordosis and rounded shoulders but mainly that her body fat % was a little high and her fitness levels lower than I would have liked. After training in The Pilates PT Method Katy is now one of the fittest, strongest clients we train and has been with us for 3 years. Katy trained with us during her 2nd pregnancy and after her son was born and has a huge passion for her health. It’s been a joy to train her”.

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Sarah says:”There are two reasons why I love working out with Hollie and they are that she is an excellent teacher and a truly lovely lady – the ultimate combo! She is passionate about Pilates and health, and I love the fact that she focuses on being healthy, fit and strong rather than being a certain size or weight. She is sympathetic and caring but also pushes and encourages you to achieve your goals. I love the structure of the workout sessions and the combination of cardio, resistance and Pilates really works for me. I have seen huge changes in my fitness and body shape, and I feel the best I have ever felt!”

PPT say: “Sarah came to us as she was worried about her health and felt her fitness levels were poor. She had always loved Pilates but didn’t like cardiovascular fitness. Sarah also suffers from vertigo so we had to be careful not to aggravate this. In 10 months Sarah has lost 6% body fat taking her into the ‘fitness’ category. The pain she used to have from a frozen shoulder has drastically reduced and she has a real passion for HIIT now. The main difference in Sarah however are her energy levels, body confidence and knowledge of her body. She is strong, functional and happy!”

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